Evenings at the TM- Crafting Innovations in Textiles

February 7, 2008–
Final Lecture in New Series Evenings at The TM Explores Recent Innovations Textiles

Join us Thursday, February 7 as Matilda McQuaid, Head of Textiles, at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, explores the importance of collaboration between hand craftsmanship and the textile technology that sends us to the moon, supports our buildings and repairs our stressdamaged hearts in her talk “Crafting Design: Recent Innovations in Textiles.”
Wine and refreshments are served at 6:30 pm; the lecture begins at 7:00 pm in the Myers Room. Seating is limited. This series, held in honor of Rebecca A.T. Stevens, Consulting Curator for Contemporary Textiles, is funded by Eleanor T. and Samuel J. Rosenfeld.


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